Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aeropostale and Forever21 Loots

Hi everyone, I'm totally back! I've been busy this past few weeks and got no spare time to update my blog. I wanna share my latest loots from Aeropostale and Forever21 I bought online last month. I updated my closet and decided to buy new clothes since the old ones don't fit me anymore (I gain so much weight). I love Aero and F21 tops, I preordered these items from US and thank goodness they fit me well. I also bought few F21 accessories and Aero pink wayfarer, all items I got are on sale yey! smart shopper here, lol!

Aero pink wayfarer (my first wayfarer sunnies)

F21 accessories with my freebie from smartshopper

Aero & F21 tops with the rest of my items posted above

Which clothing brand is your  favorite?

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  1. I love Levis ...The necklace is looking awesome.


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