Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nyx Spoiled lipstick swatch

I purchased my first ever Nyx lipstick at multiply last year after reading some great reviews about it.I got the Spoiled shade from black label Nyx Lipsticks,Its a great pale pink lipstick with a creamy formula that won't stay long in you lips(that's what I've experienced while using it several times).I regretted purchasing it because I thought it would look great on me *sigh I never think that every lips and skin tone is different ha!ha!.well,lesson learned,I will consider my lips shade & skin tone before purchasing any cosmetics to match whats great on me.The Nyx Spoiled Lipstick is pigmented with no shimmer/glitter on it,it turned pale purplish pink on my lips and made my teeth look yellowish that's why I can't smile with my teeth shown.

My lips with Nyx Spoiled Lipstick

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