Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Review : Hype Gluta-C Intensive Whitening Moisturizer + SPF 25

 After finishing my block and white whitening lotion with spf 50(will post my review in my next post),I decided to try another brand.I bought the Hype's Gluta-C Intensive Whitening Moisturizer with SPF 25 300ml bottle.I choose Gluta-C because of its multiple benefits,Its whitening, moisturizing,anti aging & lightens dark spots which is my major major problem.I had many insect bites on my legs which leads to dark spots,I am hoping that Gluta-C will work well on,lets proceed to my review=)

Ang tunay na pumuti,Jodi Santa Maria Lacson

 Hype Gluta-C Intensive Whitening Moisturizer + SPF 25


Direction and Active Ingredients

the lotion is easily absorb when applied liberally into the skin 

*Its lil bit expensive than my old lotion brand.I bought it at Php300+ for a 300ml bottle(I can't remember the exact price,sorry)
*Nice bottle,I love the white & orange theme
*Has a great citrus kinda green tea scent that last for a couple of minutes after the application.
*Has SPF 25 for sun protection
*Its whitening,really works within 2-3weeks of continuous application.I recommend to use it in the morning after taking a bath& night before you go to sleep.(night is the best time to rejuvenate,restore & whitens the skin)
*Quickly absorbs
*Not sticky or heavy
* Didn't have an allergy reaction while using this
*Has Vit C and anti aging properties(which I like about this product,has multiple benefits not just whitening)
*The small bottle will last a long time
*My boyfriend loves using this because of the SPF 25
*Its best to use the whole body care line to see the fast result.
*Reapply specially when you're going outside.

 Disclaimers: I bought all the products I've used in every reviews I post here in my company/person who paid me to do the reviews,I personally tested every product and give my best & 101% honest opinion based on my personal experienced, thank you.


  1. Hi! I'm a new user of Gluta-C and I'm starting to like it..:)

    1. glad you liked it keep using the product for best result thanks for dropping=)

    2. I also want to try it.. im planning to buy next week.. i hope its really efective.. i already have light skin but there are dark spots...

  2. Same here. new user and i think the result is quite good. although my big scar on my right leg is still there, but hoping it will be gone soon :)

    1. just continue using it thanks for the dropping;)

  3. im using hype gluta c lotion more than 4yrs and its really effective! i cant go out w/o my lotion... it really whitens my skin...

    1. yeah its really effective,wow!4years is long period your an avid user of Gluta-C glad it work well on you^^

  4. thanks sa review mo teh :) nakakalurkey ang kamahalan! haha

    1. welcome yep medyo mahal pero effective naman worth the price=)

  5. ako din im using 4 products of gluta c the soap,toner, lotion and yung gluta c gel for my inner thigh kasi mejo dark dun since i am kinda chubby, actually that's my prob. now help me pls

  6. How much po ung toner and soap?

  7. toner is 99 lang and soap gluta max 99 din, lotion 339 din,day&night me nag use effective naman siya kaya lang tagal nag effect sa akin naka 3 bottle pa ako ng lotion,2 bar of gluta soap,2 bottle of toner bago nag effect sa me,now nag take din me ng glutamax capsule hindi lang siya nakaka puti lost weight din.before 77 kl ako now biglang nag 70 kl.promise ang itim ko dati negra ngayon mejo nag light na skin ko.

  8. Just continue using the line sis especially the underarm/thigh gel madaming positive review about that product effective daw talaga.


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