Sunday, June 26, 2011

HBC purchased

Got a chance to visit HBC store located at Magic Mall Urdaneta City last week,I badly need a new affordable makeup brushes so I bought the Allue travel size set of  brush for only Php69.I also purchased two san-san nail polish for Php35,one is sky blue and the other is mint green.

I love the old style paper bag,eco friendly=)

My loot for the month of June(I am saving for my Birthday this coming July 22^_^)

Travel size makeup brushes
I've only tested the blush brush and the Lip brush
My Verdict for the HBC Allue travel size blush & Lip brush?
- The Blush brush is soft,even though its cheap the quality of this brush is great.I love its portable mini size great for travelling and it nicely distribute my powder blush on.
- The Lip Brush is kinda stiff at first,you need to wash it with warm water to soften the brush bristles. 
I tried to apply my Mac Chattebox lipstick with these lip brush but didn't worked well.the brush digs my lipstick ha!ha!.Its hard to blend the lipstick using these brush,you need to apply the lipstick direct to the tube then use this brush to soften & to tone down the color.

San-san Nail Polish

Sea Green & Warm Blue
will post the swatches in my next post,promise=)


glad to hear from you!


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