Tuesday, July 5, 2011

San-san Nail Polish in Sea green and Warm blue swatch

As I promised in my  last post I will upload the swatches of the San-san nail polish I bought last took me a while to post it here because my camera broke,I have only one camera which I used in taken pictures of swatches and products to post here in my blog,so long just check the images below.(sorry about the kinda blur shots)

San-san Nail Polish in Sea green and Warm blue

First coat of warm blue

second coat of warm blue

first coat of sea green

second coat of sea green

My verdict?
At first coat,I was disappointed about the texture of both nail polish.they are lighter shades and I had a hard time applying them evenly.
At second coat,I forgot my disappointment on Sea green(laughs).the sea green became opaque and it applies evenly unlike the warm blue still the same.
next time I purchase San-san nail polish I will choose the darker shades like the sea green.I'm in love with these shade!2 thumbs up for San-san!

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