Saturday, September 24, 2011

Skin Food Gold Cavier Toner & Serum Simple Review

Finally, I've got a chance to blog again.sorry for my lazy days of no blogging for a month.I've been busy organizing my hello kitty online shop that's why.I promised in my last post that I'm gonna post my swatches for my Etude House items but got no chance to take pictures every time I'm using them,so for now will give my simple review and opinion about Skin Food Gold Cavier Toner and Serum

Skin Food Gold Cavier Toner

Description: A gratifying toner formulated with visible pure gold, softens the skin, and with Russian caviar, counters wrinkles and fortifies, nourishes, and firms up the skin.

How to use: Apply and smooth evenly on face after cleansing, and gently pat to allow complete skin absorption.

My Observation:
* The texture of this toner is quit first, I thought this is not a toner because of its richness so I searched for reviews. I used cotton balls to apply it evenly on my face after washing with my regular facial wash,my skin absorbed it well and leave it soft and supple,it has gold flakes and greasy formula that penetrates your skin.great for cold weather and for dry skin like mine.

Skin Food Gold Cavier Serum

Description: The anti-aging action of the caviar extract and gold in this comprehensive-care serum helps counter wrinkles and moisten, nourish, firm up, and fortify skin.
How to use: Apply evenly on face after toner stage and gently press with palm for a more complete absorption.

My Observation:
* Like the Toner,it has rich texture too, has gold flakes and greasy formula.great for cold weather and for dry skin.I used it at night and wake up in the morning with soft and supple skin.I do have wrinkles on my eye area so will continue to use it in the future.I will not recommend to use it at day time because of its oily like greasy formula that will cause you very oily skin,I never had breakouts will using this line even though its rich and relatively thick.


  1. Skin is outer covering of our body and taking its care is one of the most important part and natural products are the most important way to keep it safe and healthy.

  2. I agree that's why I used skin food products to pamper my skin naturally thanks for the comment^^


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