Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wish granted number 1

I mentioned in my last post last week (read it here) that I'll have my own Shih Tzu puppy before my birthday comes.Wish granted at last!not just one,but two shih tzu puppies!my mom and my boyfriend bought them last Sunday.I am totally happy,I named them Saito & Louise=)

meet Saito,the happy puppy

meet Louise,the princess of the house

sleepy heads

meet my older brother


  1. OMG your dogs are so cute..! I thought Prince is cute but when i scrolled down and found Princess, she's even cuter! lol.. we have a shih tzu too her name is Hershey :d
    anyways i can see you love hello kitty items. am i right?
    have you heard about these new HK collections lately? Hello Kitty and One Piece collab. I super love the items you should go check them out. And if ever you want to have one you can order at Private Import Japan . :D
    I have been sharing these to every hello kitty lovers that i stumble upon on the internet :D hope you'll find this interesting.
    Happy blogging :D

  2. thanks for the comment and for sharing hk links keep visiting my blog^^


glad to hear from you!


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