Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: Baviphat Goodbye Blackhead Nose Patch

Got these from bhappywithme few months ago.(late post again,better late than never ayt?) 

Baviphat Goodbye Blackhead Nose Patch - Php29.00 each
Bought 3 of these last March, its my first time to use a nose patch for my blackheads.
the patch has a strong charcoal scent which can be irritating for someone,sticks really well and stays in place. 

After cleansing, wet your nose area and apply the nose patch gently. make sure you apply the correct position of the patch.

wait for 20-30minutes then peel off the patch carefully.

TAAADAAAA!!whiteheads!!no blackheads!

Few whiteheads are still popping and my stubborn blackheads remains. now you can see my freckles:)

I'm in a hurry guys so sorry this review was too short but hope it'll helps, thanks for reading=)

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