Etude House SM City Baguio

I knew about Etude House thru online and wasn't able to visit their stores in Manila since I'm too far from Metro. Finally Etude opened a branch at SM Baguio City last year, been planning to visit but got no chance to travel. Last two weeks my mom and my bf decided to visit Baguio for their check up so its my time to finally visit and shop at Etude's store. I was too excited and I even save money for it, it was my first time to visit a Etude House store and its worth the exhausted, almost 2hrs travel.

Etude House SM City Baguio Branch

We asked the Sales Lady if we can take pictures inside the store and she agreed but gave us condition not to take close up photos of the displayed products. fair enough=)

With my signature grin^__^

Pink all over like my bedroom=)

The very kind and friendly Sales Lady offered to do a makeover and I ended up buying all the items she used on me ha!ha!

She enhanced my eyes by using white & yellow eye shadows,gel eye liner and gold shimmers as highlighter.

Me with my very supportive boyfriend patiently waiting while I'm picking products.

Payment time yay!

My naughty cousin took this photo of a Korean pretty lady behind me. while we were in the store I noticed almost all the shoppers are Koreans.

Here's my look after the makeover, I loved it!

I don't usually take a pose in front of stores I've visited but Etude House made me do it for the sake of my blog.
(I was too shy to take a pose though ha!ha!)

We'll definitely going back by 3rd week of August  and I already made my Etude shopping list. will post the items I bought in my next post tonight.


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