Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I've Got Today

I'm hooked with online shopping since 2009 when I started collecting hello kitty items. After familiarizing how it goes, I decided to put up my own business(visit here  and here). Online shopping is one of the best thing I knew since birth tahaha! ordering one of a kind clothes,bags,shoes and hello kitty collectibles you won't see in stores is kinda overwhelming( I know you feel the same way if you're addicted to shopping like me). The only downside I encountered this past few years of buying online is when I needed to purchase something in US based websites. I don't have paypal account and the shipping cost too high, that was the time I've searched for an online store that can preorder items abroad. Luckily I browsed their site via multiply friends, I'm talking about smartshopper of multiply they preorder anything from legit US based websites like aeropostale and old navy.
check what I've ordered from them  and don't forget to visit their shop.=)

converse shoes

my first pair of converse shoes with matching koko earphone as freebie

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